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Terms and Conditions

General Terms
- All Daily Rental 24 Hour with 100 miles free, 15p per mile thereafter.
- Continental Rental Minimum 2 Days, 100 miles per day free Exc AA/RAC Cover, 15p per mile thereafter.
- Minimum requirement Age 25, 1 Yr UK Licence or excess deposit increases.
- Compulsory accidental excess deposit from £125.00+depending on Licence and Age.

Driving Licence
A current Driving licence ( not provisional ) must be produced by the hirer at the commencement of each and every hire. This licence must have been held for at least one year and free of any serious endorsements. Endorsed licences will be individually considered. Visitors from overseas must also have held a full driving licence for one year, after which a British or International licence isnecessary. Hirers under 23 must have held a licence for 2 years and hae no endorsements.

Age Limits
All hirers must be over 23 years old. Minibus hirers must be over 25 and held a full licence for 2 years.

The hirer is fully covered on insurance except for compulsory excess deposit applicable. Payment of the loss damage waiver reduces the hirers loss damage liability to the excess shown in the rental agreement. The loss damage liability includes loss, damage to the vehicle or its accessories during the rentalperiod, including damage to tyres, windscreen, upholstery, steering wheel lock and overhead damage to Luton box vans.

All accidents must be reported within 24 hours of occurring and an accident report form completed. Failure to do so will invalidate your insurance cover.

Availability of Vehicles
In the event ofthe reservedmodel being unavailable, an alternative vehicle from the same or higher group may be supplied. The rate for the original model will be charged providing the booking fee has been paid.

Contact Details

19 Varley Parade, Edgware Road, Colindale,
London NW9 6RR

Tel: 0208 205 1200 Fax: 0208 200 7426



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